Process monitoring & controller by time setting

Process monitoring – High Performance Package HPP-25: cutting-edge riveting process monitoring



  • The process analysis provides a complete documentation of the riveting data. Being the supplier of parts and components you have now the ability of tracing your production and proof the high-quality of the riveting. In competition this will give you the decisive advantage. All process data will be displayed as curves or in tabular form and are automatically filed.  For processing at a later date the data are retrievable in various formats.


  • 6 control parameters available: forming distance, riveting time, riveting force, spindle Distance, external contact, rivet head height
  • A choice of no less than 45 different riveting modes available - by default
  • 63 riveting programes to address
  • Riveting projection measurement with NHE, riveting stroke limit switch unit, for particular riveting modes – details see flyer below
  • Integrated data logger for recording process data
  • Riveting data can be visualised as curves
  • Data export and import via USB and Ethernet interfaces possible
  • As an option, a powerful Windows PC tool is available for data logging, backup, riveting curve analysis and diagnostic capabilities such as online diagnosis of travel and pressure sensors.  

Controller by time setting RC-30

The RC-30 controller is modular and can be used for:

  • pneumatic riveting machines  (single- or double riveting machine)
  • hydraulic riveting machines  (single riveting machine)

4.3" Touchscreen, LED backlit for all operations, settings and information required for the operation of the riveting machine