Manual Presses

Toggle presses only produce their rated force at the end of the stroke, the bottom dead centre (BDC). In doing so, the high working pressure of the press is achieved using the toggle mechanism with a relatively low effort (approximately 150 N) from the user.

Toggle presses are therefore used where the full force of the press is only required over a short distance at the end of the working stroke, e.g. in assembling, punching, rivetting, stamping, gluing etc.

All Baltec toggle presses are recognized by the following quality features:

  • factory-set bottom dead centre (BDC)
  • simple adjustment of the height of the press head using a threaded spindle
  • hardened and ground ram
  • long, honed and therefore highly precise ram guide
  • ground press table



BalTec rack-and-pinion presses transmit their pressing force constantly over the entire length of the stroke. Direct power transmission via the hand lever permits extreme precision in the pressing operation. The improved transmission ratio enables a higher compression force to be achieved for the same force applied.

The following quality features are characteristic of all BalTec rack-and-pinion presses:

  • anti-twist ram
  • infinitely adjustable stroke length. Standard: via setting screw MICRO: via micrometer screw
  • height adjustment of the press head using a threaded spindle
  • 360° infinitely adjustable hand lever
  • adjustable return stroke power

Rack-and-pinion presses are therefore ideal for pressing-in longer components and for jointing operations over long strokes


The square ram has significant advantages over the round ram:

  • absolute torsion resistance
  • play-free movement of the press ram
  • adjustable jib strips of the square ram
  • large support surface for the tool
  • guides on the tool are therefore usually unnecessary
  • virtually maintenance-free operation

Additional standard equipment:

  • height adjustment of the press head using a threaded spindle
  • side-located measuring strip for repeatably accurate setting of press head
  • these models can also be fitted with the usual options

BalTec rack-and pinion presses with square rams are ideal equipment for the production of high-precision small components with narrow tolerances in small and medium batches, where automation would be uneconomical.