Pneumatic Presses


  • Direct acting pneumatic presses develop their power uniformly over the entire length of the stroke. Where higher forces are involved, the energy-saving tandem cylinder type is used. This type optimizes compressed air consumption, since the return stroke is performed by only one cylinder chamber. Because the air input takes place inside the pneumatic cylinder, the press can only be operated with 2 air connections.
  • Further quality features: hardened anti-twist ram  //  long, honed ram guide for highest precision  //  three standard lengths of stroke  //  simple height adjustment of the press head using a threaded spindle  //  side-mounted measuring strip for rapid repetition of settings when changing tools  //  virtually maintenance-free double-action cylinders  //  low noise: under 75 dBA  //  pre-lubricated cylinder is suitable for oil free use
  • DA presses are the logical implementation of modern press technology for direct acting pneumatic presses. Thanks to their modular construction, the exact size required for the particular application can be chosen. In this way the price/per formance ratio is maximized. Stroke lengths of 40 mm, 60 mm, and 80 mm are available as standard. Special lengths can be supplied on request.
  • The processing of sheet material, PCBs or other oversized components requires the press to have a larger throat. XL-DA presses with a throat of 250 mm or 300 mm enable even these parts to be processed. For tall components, which require more space in the height axis, L-DA presses with up to 350 mm daylight are used.
  • Presses with stands in welded design can be manufactured to customers' requirements for dimensions which are outside the standard range.
  • DA presses are virtually maintenance-free, as all moving parts are mounted in bearings. The cylinders are pre-greased. Oil-free operation is therefore possible. DA presses are fitted as standard with an innovative, precise and easy-to-use system, which enables the stroke to be set accurately and safeguards the ram against twisting.