ELECTRIC – Efficient & compact: Riveting | Joining | Roller forming


NC Technology

Efficiency and compactness are the driving forces in the innovative design of the BalTec  ELECTRIC power module (patent pending). With two servo driven motors – placed inline – combined with high precision direct monitoring of force, stroke and temperature the ELECTRIC achieves forming results with amazing speed and precision.

This power module, shown with the radial forming process head, can be easily adapted to different forming technologies – radial, orbital, roller forming & joining by exchanging the process head. The ELECTRIC power module is supplied in a plug and run package with Drives, PLC including Safety modules  and «HPPi» software.

ELECTRIC ER 15 versus RN 231
Cycle time: ca. 0.9 seconds

RN 231 versus ELECTRIC ER15
Cycle time: ca. 1.5 seconds


Speed, precision, flexibility

  • Compact, slim design. Ideal for integration in cases of limited space.
  • Low noise emission & no emission of oil vapor.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency, greatly reduced operating costs up to 90% compared to pneumatic or hydraulic machines.
  • Greatly reduced process time yields increased output.
  • Highest power to space ratio in regard to form factor.
  • Industry 4.0 ready. Process data collection, remote access to data, parameters and programms.
  • 100% Real time process control AND monitoring. Linear force, speed and position are monitored at any point in the cycle.
  • Plug & Run in one base package with Powermodul, Control and Software
  • Simple integration for flexible operation



The BalTec ELECTRIC is available

Please contact us, we are happy to provide you with more information about this new product which offers unexpected possibilities in joining technologies.