Toggle presses

Manual toggle press EP 500-40

Toggle presses only produce their rated force at the end of the stroke, the bottom dead centre (BDC). In doing so, the high working pressure of the press is achieved using the toggle mechanism with a relatively low effort (approximately 150 N) from the user.

Toggle presses are therefore used where the full force of the press is only required over a short distance at the end of the working stroke, e.g. in assembling, punching, rivetting, stamping, gluing etc.

All Baltec toggle presses are recognized by the following quality features:

  • Factory-set bottom dead centre (BDC)
  • Simple adjustment of the height of the press head using a threaded spindle
  • Hardened and ground ram
  • Long, honed and therefore highly precise ram guide
  • Ground press table
  • Forming Process: Pressing
Manual toggle press EP 500-40